All jewellery is made in the UK. If you would prefer 18 carat yellow, white and rose golds, please ask. Annamaria only uses gold plate on precious metal, eg Sterling silver and not base metals such as nickel or copper. All gemstones are precious and semi-precious and not synthetic or coloured glass. Please get in touch with any questions or requests.


City Cuff
City Cuff - Vermeil (18 carat gold plate on sterling silver) cuff set with Garnet and Amethyst. Approximately 5cm wide.
Guinevere - Cuff set with semi-precious stones.
Lancelot - Vermeil (18 carat plate on sterling silver) 3 cm, wide cuff.
Madison - Spinel set in vermeil tube on rubber straps. The bracelets come in black or transparent rubber . Different coloured gem stones can be ordered.
Miki - Single yellow, white and rose vermeil flowers set with semi- precious stones on black or transparent rubber straps.
More Dearest
Morè Dearest - Precious and semi-precious stones set in 9 carat gold tiles: D for diamond, E for emerald, A for aqumarine, R for ruby, E for emerald, S for sapphire, T for tourmaline.
Bibi - Gold heart set with single diamond. Can also be made in white gold.
Galahad - Sterling silver with 18 carat gold plating, inset with 3 peridots.
Lagoon - Sterling silver with 18 carat gold plating.